OASIS Search

Enter a keyword or phrase in the box above to search across the OASIS-hosted internet domains using a Google-powered Custom Search Engine. You may then refine results by searching within specific OASIS domains.

Mailing List Archives

OASIS offers several methods for searching and browsing our mailing list archives. OASIS has partnered with Mark Logic to support specialized MarkMail search of the principal mailing list archives hosted at oasis-open.org and across all three OASIS domains (oasis-open.org, xml.org, ebxml.org). Google or other search engines may also be used to search OASIS mailing lists.

Searching within Specific Sites

Some OASIS domains also offer site-specific search facilities that may offer more complete and frequent indexing:

Alternate External Search Services

Links to other search facilities are provided at the bottom of the Search Results page. The links there take you to these independent sites; the query box will be pre-filled with your search term.


Visit Google Help for basic information on improving your search results. The Advanced Search help page gives details on how you can use the advanced features of Google search syntax.

See the MarkMail FAQ document for information on advanced features for searching the OASIS mailing lists.

Contact support@oasis-open.org with specific issues or questions on OASIS Search.